Park and garden, Historical sites and monuments, Plant collection, Simple / medicinal plants, Pleasure garden, Contemporary

Château de la Trémolière
15380 Anglards-de-Salers

Garden created by OSSART and MAURIERES, landscape gardeners. This is a contemporary garden with medieval inspiration, classified as a « remarkable garden ». The garden of La Trémolière castle was born from the mariage between the pictorial imagination of the listed tapestries collection “the fantastic bestiary” and the imagination of the precious written work “le Roman de la Rose” (The Rose Novel). The visitor meets the owner, Déduit, and walks accross the successive enclosures arriving at a fountain where he sees the rose reflection.

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Opening times

From 01/06/2019 to the 30/06/2019 ( 14:00 / 19:00 )

From 01/07/2019 to the 31/08/2019 ( 10:30 / 19:00 )

From 01/09/2019 to the 30/09/2019 ( 14:00 / 18:00 )


2,50€ €
Group rate
3,5 €
5 €
Child rate
2,5 €

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Postal or bank cheques


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