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The famous spa town of Vichy is a must-see destination in Auvergne. With a rich history, unique architecture, wellness spas, and of course shopping, Vichy is a great getaway destination.

Visit the sights of Vichy, including the famous art nouveau Vichy Opera. Take a walk in the parks along the Allier river, or discover the mix of architectural heritage in the streets of the city, with Byzantine, Moorish, Venetian, neo-Gothic, English and art deco influences.


A relaxing holiday is waiting for you in Vichy, with top notch spa facilities, quality restaurants and hotels, casinos and shopping. Thanks to a Napoleonic era tradition, the shops in Vichy are open on Sunday, making for a lively atmosphere in the town.

More information

Vichy Tourist Office

19 Rue du Parc

03206 Vichy Cedex


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